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Group Photo. Cathlamet, Washington, August, 2011.  










Headed for Puget Island. Cathlamet, Washington, August, 2011.  











Lillian Bell with the creator of CAPTAIN BELL's name board, Jack Abendroth.  








These two photos by David Dillon.  




Point Ellis House, Victoria BC  




Boats from the NWSS fleet docked at Point Ellice House in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  



At anchor 

The NWSS fleet at anchor at the upper end of the gorge in Victoria. "Wine & cheese time". And espresso from the magic machine of the barristas on board MOSQUITO!  




Launching at the County ramp 




Launching at the County boat ramp on Nehalem Bay.  




Kahrs' dock 


Docked at home at her space at Kahrs' Wharf in Wheeler. The steam launch SANTA CRUZ is in the background.




A look inside 



A look inside the after part of the boat. Look at those beautiful blue cushions!  



Under way 



Under way on Nehalem Bay.  




Runnin' with a boatload 



Doin' what she does best! Running with a boatload of happy people!  





Polishing Brass 

One of the most tedious jobs on the boat is the polishing of the brass. So...what do you do?
HAVE A BRASS POLISHING PARTY! Invite a lot of people and keep telling them how much FUN they're having!