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February 16, 2018


It's hard to believe it is the middle of February already. This week was rather busy, with doctor appointments and such.



Monday we decided to drive in to town a day early as Dave had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I wanted to take Jordyn out for her belated birthday celebration. We arrived in West Linn around 2:30 p.m. and Jordyn was ready to go. So after unloading the tools from the car (Dave had to fix some electrical problems for Lara), Jordyn and I took off for shopping and then hamburgers at Red Robin. Jordyn turned ten on February 1st but didn't mind the delay. Anyway, we went to her favorite store "Justice for Girls" and she got a new swimming suit and a couple of pairs of pants. Then out to eat at Red Robin.

The next morning, Dave had an appointment with a Lymphedema specialist to look at his swollen legs. Dave's legs have been swollen for a long time and no one has been able to help him. When he went to see the cardiologist a few weeks ago, she recommended sending him to someone to check him for Lymphedema. So that's how we got to this clinic and so far we have learned a lot about Lymphedema and its causes. Radiation seems to be a big factor and of course Dave had a massive dose of that as treatment for his Prostate Cancer. On the plus side, it turns out that going to the swimming pool for water aerobics has been a help, as the pressure from the water works on the lymph nodes in his legs. So today, we're driving into Beaverton and the therapist will massage and wrap his legs in bandages which he will have to wear for awhile. Since Beaverton is the closest clinic for this, we will be driving in there three times next week for treatment. We sure hope it works.

I finally got tired of putting up with the pain in my heel that had been going on for a long time. I've done so much to address that - I had been to the doctor a couple of times, got the orthotics for my shoes, did the various exercises to stretch my tendon, iced my foot - and still no relief. My doctor has been trying these other things, trying to avoid getting a cortisone shot. Since there was no relief, this time I got the shot and boy did that hurt! But the pain in my heel has subsided. Here's hoping it stays that way!


We finally got my stovetop repaired. Last week, I turned on the stove as usual and when I went to turn it off, the burner switch stayed on. There was no way to shut the thing off with the switch. So, we had to kill the power at the circuit breaker to turn the stove off. This went on for about a week before the repairman showed up with a new part and fixed it. While that was going on I decided to clean my oven. The oven light had burned out ages ago and I mentioned to Dave that it sure would help the cleaning if I could see inside the oven. So Dave tackled that project. He had to practically climb into the oven to change the bulb! The lock for the self-cleaning door is broken, so self-cleaning is not an option and I have to clean it the old fashion way. The oven is so old that they don't make parts for it anymore. I would love to get a new oven/microwave combination but they are so expensive. Oh, well. At least I can see inside the oven now!

We got our taxes all figured out and will take them to the accountant next month to find out what the verdict is on that. Uncle Sam will get a share of the money we got when we sold the other house last year, but we did make quite a few improvements on our place with a heat pump and new windows so we will get a tax credit for that. Somehow, I don't think they'll equal themselves out, however.

We are looking forward to having Leslie and Jason down here for this three-day weekend and hopefully get in some fishing and crabbing. The weather doesn't look too promising but that's okay, it is a chance for them to get away and we don't get a chance to see them at our place very often.